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Design Service Without Cost

Top and professional design team are here to make custom design for you within one day.

Minimum Order Quantity

Stock design: 10 pcs /design
Custom design: 10 pcs /design

Prompt Leadtime

Production time: 1-3 days
Delivery time: 1-2 days.

Perfect Service and Quality
We will try our best to make good service and guarantee the quality.
Rhinestone Factory

We have the largest factory in China
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Custom Designs



Send your artwork, in whatever form is available, to: . JPEG,PDF&AI will be more helpful. Please include as much information as you can about size, color, materials and quantity.
You will receive a quote within 12 to 24 hours if no additional design work (at no charge) is necessary. When the layout is approved, please send us your PO via email or fax, and then an invoice will be sent to confirm the order.



Rhinestone / Mutil-Media Transfer Heat Press Instruction

1. The design is "sandwiched" between 2 layers of paper, a clear layer and a yellow or white layer. The top of the transfer has clear     paper holding the rhinestones and other materials in place. The yellow or white paper is the bottom and keeps the sticky side     of the clear paper from coming in contact with unwanted surfaces until you are ready to press.
2. Turn the design upside down so that the yellow or white paper is on the top.
3. Separate a corner of the yellow or white paper from the clear. Holding the clear paper with a finger or two, SLOWLY peal the     yellow or white paper away from the clear paper. Pealing from one corner toward the opposite corner is best, but do it SLOWLY.
4. With the clear paper on top (and the adhesive side down), place the design on the garment. At this point, with care, the design     can be repositioned if necessary.
5. Cover the transfer with a clean teflon sheet and press with medium to firm pressure. For rhinestone designs only or a     combination of glitter and rhinestones, use 350 degrees F for 10-15 seconds. If there is sequins in the design, extend the time     to 25-30 seconds at 350 degrees F.
6. Allow the transfer to cool before SLOWLY removing the clear paper. As the paper is removed, examine the design to be     certain that all parts have bonded to the garment and none remain on the paper. Stop the removal process if anything has not     bonded, and repeat Step 5.


* We urge you to do a test pressing before beginning production.
* Always use a clean teflon sheet.
*In general, the higher the temperature, the shorter the pressing time needed.
  Fabrics vary. Some work better with a higher temperature and less time.
* Advise customers to wash decorated garments inside-out and dry on a cool setting.
* Working presses are HOT. Always keep children away.


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